Consulting in organisation, compensation and profile definition.

Support during the candidate’s entry into the company.

One Partner responsible for the project, with the support of the entire Value Search team.

Continuation of the project until client is completely satisfied.

Fees which reflect our participation in both the opportunities and risks involved for our clients.

 Search Phases

Analysis of the position and of the relevant organisational context.

Profile of the ideal candidate and description of the company for "marketing" the position.

Research strategy: target of companies, identification of parallel positions, verification of match with the ideal profile.

Mapping of the market and list of potential candidates for the job.

Analysis and evaluation of the candidates, presentation of the position and of the company, motivation of candidates.

Presentation of a short list of candidates who respond to the "ideal" profile, and who are informed of the position requirements and the company’s future plans.

Assistance in the negotiation phase with the chosen candidate.

Facilitation of the negotiation process with the candidate and presentation of references.

Assistance to the client and the candidate for the first six months in the company.

Support in the candidate’s introduction into the company and in the clarification of any misunderstandings.