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Information according to Italian Law 196 30/06/2003.

The collection of data concerning individuals is by law subject to particular caution, intended to safeguard the involved person, which means the person whose data are referred to, from all the risks related to the filing of data, such as, as an example, the inadequate use, the loss or the unauthorised access by third parties. The informative report which is given to you is due under the law and allows you to know the aims of the collection of your data, the way in which they will be used, the area of the communication and diffusion and the rights which are recognised to you by the law.
Please read carefully what follows to decide to give your consent to the collection and processing of the data.

1. The data required or which Value Search S.r.l. as Owner of the data processing acquires, are bound to determine your personal and professional profile. Value Search S.r.l., which is active in the research and personnel recruiting with two divisions of business, executive search and executive resourcing, will then be able to propose your professional skills to companies, boards and organisations which are looking for people to insert in their companies.

2. For this purpose, your data will be inserted in computer and paper files at our offices, and they will be classified and organised according to your personal and professional characteristics. The Owner of the data processing is Value Search S.r.l. with registered office in Galleria San Babila 4C, 20122 Milano. Within the structure of the company it has been identified and appointed the position of a Manager to whom you will be able to direct your queries to exercise the due rights as provided by art.7 of L. 196/30/06/2003 and as specified at the following point 4, in the person of Mrs Giovanna Brambilla.

3. According to the spirit of the law, and considering the lack of need, for the aim of this collection of your data, we kindly ask you to omit your own sensitive data which are those able to reveal the racial and ethnical origins, the religious, philosophical, political opinions, or opinion of other kind and the support to political parties, trade unions, associations or entities with a religious, political or trade union related characterisation, the health and the sexual life.

4. During the performance of our contractual obligations or in the course of pre-contractual measures, all the data got, sensitive and not, could be communicated to the client companies or to our subsidiaries all around the world, for any possibility of better opportunities in the pursuit of the aims which the same data collection is finalised, that is to say, to whatever other party it becomes necessary to communicate by virtue of law or authority's prescriptions. In such a case, the communication could take place even by computer or by telefax.

5. The supply of data, both those sensitive and not, is optional. Denial to provide them or any limitation to the processing will affect, indeed, the possibility of drafting your personal and professional prospect or the accuracy of it which we will be able to offer to parties interested in the recruitment.

6. The law recognises specific rights. We inform you that you can apply to the Firm Responsible for any information as provided by art.7 of law 196/30/06/2003:
1. it is recognized to you the right to have the confirmation of the existence or not of personal data about you and their communication in a comprehensible way.
2. you have the right to obtain information:
a) about the origin of the personal data;
b) the aims and the way of processing;
c) about the essential data for the identification of the owner, the responsible and the appointed representative as provided by art 5, sub-section 2;
d) about the persons or the categories of people to whom your personal data could be given or about who can could know them as appointed representative in the Stateís territory, responsible or as the person in charge.
3. you have the right to obtain:
a) the update, the correction or the integration of the data;
b) the deletion, the transformation in anonymous way or the block of the all the data processed in the violation of the law, including those which donít need the conservation;
4. you have the right to be opposed to , all or some:
a) the processing of personal data, even if they are useful for their collection;
b) the processing of personal data if it is aimed to the sending of advertisements, direct selling materials or commercial communications.

7. For any request concerning art. 7, sub-section 1 and 2, letters (a), (b) and (c), we are authorized to ask you a contribution, not superior to the real cost, in accordance with the procedure and within the law terms (art.10, sub-section 7).

8. The rights provided by art. 7 relating to the personal data of a died person could be exercised by whoever has an own interest or acts in defence of the person concerned.

9. In the event that you want to exercise one or more of such rights you can produce a written request to be sent to the office of Value Search s.r.l.

Download the Information According to Art. 7, L. 196/30/06/2003

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at Value Search - Galleria San Babila 4C - 20122 Milan - Italy or send an e-mail to:

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Download candidate privacy information form (PDF format)

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